Home Prices, Interest Rates, Real Estate Trends….How do I make sense of it all?

This has been a confusing time for many when it comes to real estate.  Prices have pushed back higher, fewer people are underwater in their current homes, and interest rates have not moved as high as many expected them to.  The question always comes up when it comes to real estate…what is the market going to do?

Sometimes it is hard to predict what it will do.  There are many factors that influence the market and we don’t always see them before they happen.  I have my own ideas about which way the market will go.  There are tools out there that will help keep you up to date with current market conditions.

Market Watch

Market Watch is a great tool that allows you to see statistics in your area and how they compare against historical data.  The Market Watch report can be personalized to the area of your choice, and it will give you current information on your specific market.  You can get this personalized report by contacting me or click on this link to get your Personalized Market Report!

If you have any questions on your report please do not hesitate to contact me at william.morris.wm@gmail.com or (602) 740-1900

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