Tips For Moving With Kids

Moving homes with children can many times be difficult.  Here are some tips for moving with kids to help make your move easier.


Do not wait to inform your children about moving.  Tell your kids about the move as soon as possible!

It is pretty natural to assume that the less time kids have to think about moving, the easier it will be for your children.  However, experts say it is actually the opposite.  Kids need time to get used to the idea of moving.  Don’t put off telling them about moving.


Welcome your children’s questions about moving.

Open lines of communication will go a long way toward helping your children feel comfortable with moving and it;s okay even if you can’t answer all their questions right now.  Your kid’s questions can give you an idea of how they’re feeling about moving – whether they’re excited or uneasy.  Some questions may also offer an ideal way to get them involved in the moving process, such as suggesting they get online to locate nearby libraries or parks.


Be positive & upbeat about the move.

Your attitude about the move will influence your children’s attitude as well.  If you dread moving, then the move will seem dreadful to them too.  Be enthusiastic, upbeat, and positive about the new experiences and opportunities in store, and your children will be more likely to feel the same way.


Let your children know they can help with the move.

This is a good time to emphasize that the move is a family event and that everyone will be part of the planning, packing, and perhaps even choosing the new home.  Start your kids on thinking of things they can do and how to get ready for the move.  Assure your kids that their contributions, however small, will be valued and greatly appreciated.


Moving Day Checklist For Kids

Packing Time! Time to Sort Your Stuff!

Moving is a good reason to get rid of things you don’t want anymore, which will also make room for new things you might get in the future!  Go through all your toys and games and group them into three piles:

  • First Pile: Things you want to take with you to the new home.
  • Second Pile: Things to toss out (broken toys and games with missing pieces).
  • Third Pile: Things you don’t want but could be given away to other kids.


Kids Go Ahead and Ask: “What Else”!

Ask your parents what else can you do to help with all the sorting and packing that needs to be done.  They will appreciate your help!


Mark Your Stuff as “Yours”!

Design your own personal “seal” for marking your boxes as YOUR property!  As your belongings are packed, draw your “seal” on the outside of each box.  Be creative!  You can create your own work of art to mark your belongings.


Get Ready For Your First Night!

Your first night in your new home is very special.  Be sure to have your favorite pajamas, your trust blanket or stuffed toy, or your favorite book packed away in your suitcase or backpack.  This will be your very own piece that you’ll personally be in charge of to take with you to your new place to get ready for your first night in your new home!


Don’t Forget to Bring Some Entertainment!

Don’t forget to take some things for you to do on the airplane or in the car on the way to the new home, such as books, video games, action figures, or crayons and paper.