Maricopa Investment

Invest In Maricopa, Arizona

I have begun to get several inquiries about investment properties in Maricopa, Arizona.  After the housing market crashed their were a lot of home in the Maricopa area for sale, and especially foreclosures.  Many of the houses were in poor condition and investors saw opportunity.  Maricopa was able to overcome the hardships and started to look like a great place to live again.  However, many of the good deals in Maricopa dried up.

Recently, some solid deals in the area have begun to emerge again.  Some of these homes are coming up at less than $60 per square foot, and a few less than $50 per square foot.  These are prices that were found around the post crash period.  I’m not saying that Maricopa is at that level again or is headed that way.  However, the Maricopa market is very volatile, and good deals are out there if you act quick enough.  Whether you are a fix and flipper or a buy and hold investor, I believe that there is money to be made in the Maricopa area.

Why Maricopa?

Maricopa, as I said before, not only survived the housing crash but it has grown.  Many people were worried that people would leave Maricopa and the town would struggle.  This has not been the case.  Businesses remain there and new ones are moving in.  Resale homes are have received help from investors and homeowners.  New construction homes are being built again.  Central Arizona College has put a campus in Maricopa.  Maricopa is no longer just a place where people commute to work from, it is now a place where people want to live and make their home.

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