Home Buying Process

In the home buying process there are several things to consider before and after your offer has been accepted by the seller.  Here is an overview of the entire process.


Before The Offer Is Accepted

A Real Estate Agent Will Interview You To:

  • Determine your criteria in a home
  • Discuss parameters
  • Discuss financial qualifications

Get Pre-Qualified by Lender

  • A loan pre-qualification approval letter is obtained from your lender

Arrange Property Tours

  • Tour available homes with your real estate agent that suit your needs
  • Ask your real estate agent about the current market

Target a Home That is “Ideal” And Write the Offer

  • The real estate agent will write the offer on your “ideal” home
  • Writing an offer takes approximately 1-3 hours
  • Deliver your earnest money deposit made payable to the title company (this check will be held until we have a ratified contract)

Counter Offer

  • The counter offer is discussed and prepared by the real estate agent


Once The Offer Is Accepted


  • Once the offer is accepted and conveyed, escrow is opened with the title company
  • Earnest money is deposited at this time
  • Escrow orders a Title Commitment and sends copies to the real estate agents and your lender
  • Escrow instructions are issued to all parties

Loan Application

  • Submit a completed loan application to the lender or your choice with all the necessary documentation

Homeowner Insurance Coverage

  • Buyers obtain a Homeowners Insurance Policy for their new home and insurance information is given to the new lender or escrow

Signing Documents at Title Company

  • Buyers need to bring 2 forms of current photo ID to sign notarized loan and closing documents at the title company
  • Copies of title and lender documents are given to buyers

Down Payment and Closing Costs

  • The escrow officer provides you with a Buyer’s Estimated Closing Statement which itemizes your costs and advises you of total monies due
  • The buyer sends a wire or brings a cashier’s check to the title company several days prior to closing


  • The lender sends funds to title company

Close of Escrow

  • The deed is recorded at the County Recorder’s Office by the title company.  You will receive the original back from the county record in about 6 weeks.
  • The keys are transferred from the seller to the buyer (Note: Agent will get buyer keys as soon as possible after Close of Escrow, but could be late afternoon)