Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home? Get the Best Value For Your Home.

Get The Best Value For Your Home

Homes are bought and sold everyday, especially in good markets.  People usually want to get top dollar for their home, but sometimes the home does not look the part to get top dollar.  That’s ok.  Many times people go to open houses and see a beautifully renovated home, or even look at the pictures of homes for sale online and see perfection.  In some cases, it is a great idea to have a home that is in perfect condition or even recently remodeled.  However, that is not always your best option.

The goal when selling your home is to get the best value for your home.  Let me say that again, the best value.  Not top dollar.  What good is spending $30,000 on a renovation if you only make $10,000 on the sale.  Maybe you could have spent $10,000, sold the house for less, but made $25,000 on the sale.  What I am getting at is that as a seller you need to think about the home like a business.  You want to have the best bottom line possible.  It is in your best interest.

On that note, some items in the home are worth fixing or replacing.  There are others that might make the house look better, but they might cost more to do then you will receive in added value.  Every property is different in what it might need.  Many real estate professionals will be able to help you determine what items will help you get the most value.

Let’s start with the most difficult to determine in my opinion: kitchens and master bathrooms.  You will hear the same thing time and time again…Kitchens and master bathrooms sell houses.  In many cases this is true.  People like these areas to be nice.  However, be careful when upgrading these areas.  The bring better prices, but they are also expensive to get done.  You may or may not get the value that you are looking for.

For some of the best items to fix, think cheap.  For example, paint.  Paint is relatively inexpensive and will give the home a fresh look.  Flooring can be another good option, but some flooring options can be too much.  Also, basic landscaping is a good idea.  Landscaping will give the home curb appeal, and it will also make the backyard a place where potential homeowners can envision themselves spending time.

The best rule of thumb is to not over improve the property.  See what types of upgrades people are doing to the homes in your area.  Also, ask a real estate professional what might help bring in the best net offer.


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