Battle of the Bands

Between Arizona State University (ASU) and the University of Arizona (U of A)

On Saturday morning before the ASU and U of A football game, the two schools’ bands held their annual Battle of the Bands at Tempe High School.  This event rotates between Tempe and Tucson depending on where the Territorial Cup game between the two schools’ football teams takes place.  If you have never been to the event I highly recommend it.  Both schools will play their shows and fight songs, and then both bands will get together to play something together.  With such a heated rivalry it is nice to see everyone get along and come together to support all of these students.  The University of Arizona band took the field first.  They played a great show and finished to an applause from both ASU and U of A fan alike.  The Arizona State University Marching Band then performed their show to a loud ovation.  Finally, the two bands came together to perform some selections from the Star Wars movies.  See the sights and sounds from this great event below.


University of Arizona

 university of arizona marching band

 uofa marching band

Arizona State University

arizona state uniiversity marching band

asu marching band



ASU and UofA

battle of the bands 2015


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