Arizona Property Taxes Due

Arizona Property Taxes 2014 – Many people have their property taxes taken out with their mortgage and insurance payment.  For the people that don’t, here is a friendly reminder that the first half of your property taxes are due on October 1st, and they are delinquent on November 1st.  The Maricopa County Treasurer reports that on average homeowners will see a 5.4% increase in property taxes.  Obviously the actual amount will vary property to property.  With increases in taxes people generally want to know where that money is going.  The information below will help outline how your tax dollars are being spent in Maricopa County.
Arizona Property Taxes 2014

Where your Arizona property taxes 2014 go

A property-tax bill includes payments to a variety of taxing jurisdictions. The average Maricopa County taxpayer’s bill is split this way:

School districts: 56 percent.

Community colleges: 12 percent.

Maricopa County: 12 percent.

City or town: 11 percent.

Special districts (such as fire and flood control): 5 percent.

State: 4 percent.

Source: Maricopa County

Here are a few important resources for Maricopa County property taxes:

– Maricopa County Assessor’s Office:

– Maricopa County Treasurer:


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