Arizona Real Estate Agents and New Build Homes

Many people don’t know that you can use a real estate agent to represent you in a newly built home transaction.  Some people may even wonder why they would need an agent.  There are many benefits to having a qualified licensed real estate professional represent you in these types of transactions.

Real Estate Agents and New Build Homes
When looking at new homes you walk into the office and the sales staff is very friendly and make you feel good.  You then start to look through the model homes and find one that is perfect for you.  You then go back and start to talk to the sales rep and they are just as excited as you are, but they are not excited to just get you into the home of your dreams.  They are excited for the deal, their bonuses, the upgrade sale, etc.  What many people forget is that these people are serving the builder’s best interests, as well as their own.  They do not represent you in the transaction.  If they are not looking out for your best interests then who is?  If you are not up to date with real estate transactions and negotiations then you are put at a disadvantage.  Having your own real estate agent represent you puts you back on a more level playing field.The Sales Representative represents the builder….NOT YOU

Negotiating a better deal

Builders’ and their representatives are trying to sell their homes at the highest price.  They charge for premium lots and upgrades to the home itself.  Many people believe that these costs are fixed, when in reality upgrades can be negotiated.  Financing terms and conditions are another complicated part of the equation that an agent can help with.

Not an out of pocket expense

Almost always the builder will the agent’s commission.  Essentially, they will pay for your representation.  Let’s put it this way, you are able to get these benefits and added value and it costs you NOTHING.  Most builders have conditions in order for the agent to receive a commission.  Why is this important to you? Virtually no real estate agent is going to work for free.  If you don’t follow the rules to get the agent paid then it would come out of your pocket, which is something that you nor your agent wants.  The agent will be able to let you know the process.  Most of the time the agent just needs to be present when you first visit the subdivision and sign you in.

You may be thinking is it worth the hassle of going through a real estate agent, setting up times to view property, and having them be there while you are trying to make decisions.  I can tell you that good agents have lots of information and experience to make the deal go as smoothly as possible.  Also, when the first problem arises you will be glad they are there to help.  Not a bad deal, especially when the builder will pay for it.

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